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September 19, 2006



I read your article in the JC last week.

For some hope and quite thought provoking insight into the possible cause of cancer please consider visiting BrianPeskin.com

Regards and best wishes.

P.S.: I don't agree with your assertion about men having better post divorce social lives. What you have experienced has happened to me regularly for the past 15 years.

Dina Rabinovitch

Thank you for this David, and really sorry to hear that you have been having a crummy time of it over the past years...hope all improves, and thank you very much for writing and for the kind words.

David Cowan

Dear Dina

Re your article in the JC asking why there is a difference between Israeli and Arab women rates - and severity of - breast cancer.Edith Powney's reply (JC 5.1.2007) was refuted by research done by the American National Cancer Institue in 2003 showing no link between abortion and breast cancer rates.Professor Baum (JC 12.1.2007) cites later research also showing no plausible link.

However the conclusions drawn in each letter give little cause for hope.

In contrast as part of my reply to your earlier JC article, I mentioned Brian Peskin and his book the Hidden Story of Cancer. Here he has evaluated the scientific evidence of all cancer research to date, commented on each finding in his role as a biochemist and has made what I think is a positive contribution to the subject.

Shabbat Shalom

Regards David

N.B.: I have no connection with Brian Peskin other than having read his book after I came across it in a scientific journal.

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