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December 18, 2006


savta yaffa

have just returned from London, having spent chnukah with my 3 grandchildren (and their parents of course), never buy the Guardian any longer, as I found it hard to stomach its views about Israel, but probably because I read the Saturday paper at my son's house and thought it was somuch better a paper then the Times, which we get daily. So, I bought todays Guardian and got comfort from reading an ...Obituary. A person called Win Wyatt, who has died aged 86 (eighty six),"campaigned actively to the end of her life to improve the care of women with breast cancer, from which she herself suffered for many years". PLEASE read it - if you have not already done so. She has been diagnosed at the age of 39 and lived more then double that length after becoming ill. It is past midnight and I am tired, but I hope that when ever you read this comment - to night or tomorrow- it lifts your spirits and fills you full of hope and some happiness. p.s. Your kid is very handsome. (I know about handsome boys, I have 4 sons and 3 grandsons. yaffa


Do you say Happy Chanukah? - not sure. But I say it. I was married to a Jewish man once - from a far from a religious family. But we were given a little chanukiah(?) by a an Israeli friend and we did light it each day over the festival, with delight. When I asked the only Jewish friend I have here when Chanuakah was this year she didn't know. Sad. Traditions are for enjoying, if nothing else. (This while I'm struggling with Christmas preparations and not so sure. Yes, But I do think it should all be enjoyed. In the end.)

I think of you. Coming from my genetically cursed family your heart and humour and stories are particularly moving and enlightening.

And yes, it's hard on the children. I know. I've seen it in 2 generations - coming up for 3 now. They survive. But you wish they didn't have to. Some take much more on board than others though, so it's hard to tell how much it gets to any one particular child.


Elon looks very handsome and I second all the good thoughts expressed by other grannies in the comments above. THinking of you all at this holiday time.

dina rabinovitch

To all the grandmothers - thank you!! love, Dina

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