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March 29, 2007



All about fear really. I think of you xx


Have you heard about oxygen therapy? Apparently tumours can't survive in oxygen. Drs may laugh to hear such things. It may be worth some research. I'm told it is very promising, but it wouldn't bring enough money to the drugs companies so they will never pursue it. Drugs companies' prime motivation is profit maximisation, not curing people. Sorry for my cynicism. It's my work.


Don't know about that oxygen stuff....here's a balanced article from 2000 - make your own mind up, but it seems pretty conclusive:

And I'd just like to say I understand your anger (Guardian article) - I hope that one day it will pass (with a recovery)and you can make peace with the fairly random world we all live in.

Bedd Gelert

You look great in your party frock ! I haven't seen you wearing hair before ! Did you do the drawings ? They are very beautiful. Will try and drop by again - I didn't know you had a blog before.

lisa taylor

hi, just got on your blog via the article in the Guardian. Just wanted to say.. i don't know, it's hard to say anything bar ...thank you for writing. Makes my superficial musings seem just ... that. but you also have to laugh and it seems you can still do that. hope you win!


Very moved by your article. Whenever I read about cancer I want to shout there are alternatives. One is ozone therapy,there are others. I trained as an energy healer for 3 years. This therapy looks at the entire person as a system of interconnected energy on 7 different levels. Very simply, stuff which disturbs or hurts us from the past, genetics or environment, gets stuck on all or any of those levels and gradually works its way to the physical level where it manifests as ill health.It can gradually be released if the person is willing to go on a journey of self exploration with a qualified energy healer. I and others recovered from chronic fatigue someone else from cancer. Another astounding healing is theta/dna which like energy healing probes our subconsciously held beliefs and releases them there and then through a talk session also involving very high energy input from the practitioner. Once the beliefs holding us in our pattern of bad health are released we can heal ourselves.It can happen very quickly and I have seen it happen - miracles are possible! Look up both through your search engine. Remember these are sub consciously held beliefs we have no idea are there, we have NOT brought ill health on ourselves. Everything that exists is interconnected. It's very powerful stuff and not airy fairy nonsense. Wherever there are beautiful children such as yours I feel I need to speak out. Wishing you everything you would wish for yourself.


Dina, you are an amazing person and an inspiration. I do agree with Helen about drug companies. It is unbelievable that in this day and age people such as yourself are having to experiment with one drug after another. Millions and millions of pounds/dollars are pumped into cancer research and still there are no cures. Why is that? Because animal research is holding back finding cures. To answer your question, yes, everyone who takes prescription drugs is a human guinea pig. Every new drug is tested on two different species of non-human animals, but each species produces varying results,It is very different inducing a tumour in animals in the laboratory from the tumours that we humans get.Drugs often have different effects on one human to another, varying from male to female, from one ethnic group to another, whether we are taking other prescription drugs. Websites giving further information about how animal research is holding back cures are http://www.bava.org.uk/index.html and http://vivisection-absurd.org.uk. Thank you again for speaking out.

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