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March 30, 2007



Just read your article the other day so found your blog. i really enjoyed your articles last year and hoped i would find your writing again. You write very well, passionate and realistic. i wish you well. I hope you don't mind if i say, as a christian, that you're in my prayers. Good luck and keep on writing.

Marita Hopkinson

Hi Dina
You are an incredible, amazing person. I followed your story in the Guardian and even emailed you some time ago! I look out every week for your next update and worry when I don't see it. Then yesterday I found the latest one and a picture of your beautiful face! Now I have discovered your blog.
I am in the process of raising some funds....nothing dramatic but you did say if we all give £1 you would get there. I have held a Virgin Vie party last week and there is £38 raffle money in the tin already. The hostess gift was £120 so I am raffling that off at work after Easter. You will make the target I am sure. With kind thoughts and best wishes


That's interesting Dina because as I read your book one thing that I felt infused it was your observance of the Jewish faith and the certainty that all that offered in your life.The special days all interspersed amongst everything else going on but always marked.Somehow you didn't need to say any more than that.

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