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April 18, 2007


Ann Giles

After my initial thought that I'll go to Edinburgh and sell the book on the pavement for you, I thought again. I go to annual autism conferences at my local hospital, where my local bookshop has a table with autism books for sale, many of them written by the attending specialists. (Good way of getting a signed copy.) Perhaps by asking an Edinburgh bookshop to sell many different cancer books in the foyer you could get round the "unfairness" problem. My experience is that many conference visitors are very keen to buy books on the subject. In fact, I'm surprised the organisers aren't thinking about this already. And all their speakers should want to flog their book to such a specialised audience.

dina rabinovitch

I agree!!!!


What excellent judgemnt on their part to ask you along.
Three things I'm always keen to ask health professionals to consider

1. Smile and say hi- Would it be possible to smile and be more friendly to patients and their families-not just sometimes, but always.
2. Talk normally-Could they examine the language they use. A lot of medispeak speaks volumes. "Non compliance", "failed to attend", "failed to comply".
3. How's it going?-why does no one ever ask the patients how the service is working for them, what small things could be changed which would make life better for them, whether anything is particularly good/helpful.

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