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April 30, 2007


Brian Abbott


And to make matters worse,200 copies were purchased by the CTRT Appeal!


Dina rabinovitch

Actually I don't think the neilsen figures include anything other than those sold in bookshops - so not the amazon or guardian sales, or those you got straight from the publisher.


I think one of the problems (apart from the general uselessness of the publisher) is that bookshops don't know where to put it. They're not sure whether it should go into biography or into health or self-help, so it ends up being tucked away somewhere that people can't find it. I've noticed this on previous occasions: most bookshops don't have a section called "Memoir", even though it's now a thriving genre.

Joanne Maguire

Word of mouth is a potent force, but it takes a bit longer. I'm telling all my friends to check it out and not lending it to anyone!

Sarah Moise

I've gone one further: I have bought seven copies [so far] for my friends...

Ms Baroque

I think you should have the nice broccoli. Buy it from Marks & Spencer, they don't sell books.

Ann Giles

Dina, Do you know how many in total have been bought? Maybe it's wrong to stare at figures for bookshops, when lots of people buy online?

Ann Giles

Dina, Do you know how many in total have been bought? Maybe it's wrong to stare at figures for bookshops, when lots of people buy online?

Dina rabinovitch

Apparently Neilsen does include the Amazon figures, although not any books bought through the Guardian or the Jewish Chronicle, or any other 'special' outlets. But it's a long haul...one of my readers, Mabs Taylor, went into her local independent bookshop and even though the owner's a Guardian reader he had no knowledge of the book at all, but now he's ordered some copies. I think people and word of mouth is very potent. There's an article in today's New York Times tolling the death knell of newspaper book reviews, in the face of online book blogs. TOYPD was also reviewed - favourably - on DoveGreyReader, one of the influential Brit book blogs, and I think that had some impact on sales.

Sarah Crown

Bloody hell Dina, this is SO frustrating. I emailed my mailing list a couple of weeks back, asking people to request it even if they didn't buy it (after you'd mentioned this on here), and so many people wrote back saying how much they loved your columns and how pleased they were that there was a book ... And I bought a copy for my friend who's father is currently having chemo, and she loved it and has recommended to her family ... but it is slow work. I agree word of mouth is probably the most effective strategy, but I'll rack my brains for others.

adele geras

Catching up with the blog in an internet cafe in downtown Florence! Apart from saying:tell me about it! in a loud voice, the best thing I can suggest is SOMEHOW to get yourself on tv. A kind of local news roundup thingie will do, but Richard and Judy's show would be better. Also, Radio Four's Woman's Hour is a good thing to go on, esp since Jenni Murray is herself just back from treatment for breast cancer. And FIVE LIVE is worth trying. Simon Mayo, I'd go for....everything is worth a go. Sales through bookshops? FERGEDDABOUTIT!

Dina rabinovitch

Sarah, you emailed your mailing list? you are so cool!!! thank you so much.

Anybody who keeps an eagle eye on this blog will have seen the (quickly deleted) post about Cherie Blair and Radio Four and TOYPD. I had to delete it because my completely rational lawyer husband thought I'd jinx the deal if I blogged about it.

But since nothing's happened, I figure we're beyond jinxing, so here's the story again. Cherie Blair, fantastically kindly, offered to record stuff on an i-pod for me to listen to if I was too weak to read myself. An amazing offer. But since I can still read I wrote back and said, no my reading's ok, but if she's keen I'd tell Radio Four that's if they serialise TOYPD she'll read it on air.

She readily agreed - another amazing offer! - so I went to Jonathan Freedland, who is all over Radio Four all the time, and told him I hadn't been able to get any interest from Radio Four (including Woman's Hour) for TOYPD. "Uh,huh," said Jonathan. Then I told him about the Cherie offer. "OK," he said straight away, "that takes it to a whole new level - it's a done deal, I'd say." Good as his word he went straight to his Radio Four chap who works down the corridor from the chap who decides on serialisation, and apparently all the chaps were very excited...and I haven't heard a word since.

Cherie emails: don't worry, in my experience that's not unusual with Radio Four - keep fingers crossed.

So that's the radio/tv saga so far....

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