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April 07, 2007


fulvia nicolas

I live in Barcelona, so I can't buy your book right now...but I asked for it to Amazon three days ago, and now I can't wait for Easter to finish so I can go to the post office and retrieve it!!!On Wednesday I'll be reading it, and on Thursday I'll let it to my mother, who's a brave fighter like you. Best regards from Barcelona, Dina!

Ms Baroque

Well done! But they're ordering more! And if Anthony then rings back and cancels his order, Bob will be your uncle.

I love the hissing mother routine. I am that mother.


Tried to get one in another branch of Borders - apparently it was to be found in the 'women's' section nestled between germaine greers...a slightly odd 'home' as everything else was feminism, lesbianism and women's politics so wasn't quite sure why it would have lived there in the first place. (and try finding the women's section - it's the bottom of a shelf in the most inaccessible part of the store) Why didn't they just stick it in biography? Because - bafflingly - they don't have a biography section... Anyway despite our best endeavours and the computer insisting there was a copy there was none to be found. Amazon to the rescue - again...


so amusing!
you could do stand-up :)
interesting revelation about Penelope Farmer - thanks for that...

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