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May 05, 2007


Sheelagh Barron

Does your contract with the publishers give them sole distribution and marketing rights? It seems to me that there are enough of us out here willing this book onto the shelves to come up with some distrubution plans of our own. I would get a whole stack put in M&S for a start...I would be happy to man a stall anywhere in your catchment area (or elsewhere that you think is relevant),how about Starbucks? they have a literacy campaign....so have a books and charity mentality already.If the bookshops can't do it lets find a way of getting our hands on the books and getting them out there so people can buy them....then there's lovely Richard Branson...never known to turn down a challenge....what do you think?

Dina rabinovitch

thank you Sheelagh, what a fantastically kind message! the publishers don't have sole rights, and I always thought M&S would be a good idea, but don't know how one would go about it...very open to any suggestions at all though, and thanks again...

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