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May 25, 2007



So...see you, when you're back. Hope it all goes well. And meantime I'll think of Nina running for Mount Vernon. I'm sure she'll make it. xx


Beautiful cheesecake, beautiful plate, less-than-beautiful stent. I'm looking forward to your posts when they get it working again.

Ms Baroque

Dina good luck! Hope it's not too terrible or for very long.

It seems kind of brave, posting up an X-ray picture; I'm not sure why.

I am SO going to make that cheesecake when I've got my gall bladder out! It looks insanely delicious.

All the best to you...

Isobel Mags Buchan

Good luck and best wishes Dina.

Dina rabinovitch

Thanks everybody, for good wishes. Home again and newly re-stented, and they are so nice the nurses at Chase Farm Hospital - remember you from previous visits, and very warm. That is a difference on NHS wards, there really is a kind of nurse who does it as a vocation, and they are just the cream of humanity, don't you think?

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