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May 26, 2007



This is very interesting. I was married to a non-religious Jew for 12 years, while having a close interest in Judaism for various other reasons- many of which preceded my meeting him. The in-fighting between the groups never ceased to amaze and sadden me. Your story is a beacon - and a relief. Don't know what it is that makes religious groups despise other versions of their religion even more than they despise non-believers. Look at fundamentalist Christians who believe all other types of Christians will go to hell. Yesterday the principal of Wycliffe Hall Oxford (theological college) was reported as at it, for one. Shudder shudder, me. It's enough to turn anyone Buddhist.. Will be very interested to hear what readers of the Jewish Chronicle make of it. (Except isn't Jewish Chronicle thought too liberal by some?)

Dina rabinovitch

yes, it is bizarre - people, eh? glad it's not just Jews though!

Maurey Lancaster

Dina I have been following your story for years now, starting with the Guardian articles when you (and I!) were first diagnosed. I have since graduated onto your blog. I'm an American girl living in London and I wonder what your husband thinks of Israel's policy concerning Palestine and the recent war with Lebanon. Does he support these actions? Being American I often feel caught between the country I love and the policies I despise.... just wondering if he was in a similiar position to me or not.


Dina, you sent me a book via Lee at Lowebrow. As promised I have read and blogged and I am sending the book on its way again to spread the word before the cancer.
Towards a cure!

Love and light

Dina rabinovitch

thank you so much kate!

Mark Julius

You have actually answered many questions I wondered about over the years but haven't ever asked concerning life with Anthony (my brother) and all the children.
Your household sounds a perfect example of tolerance and understanding.. I guess in this particular case, a "mixed marriage" works very well..
Mark (Julius) :)

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