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June 22, 2007


Ann Giles

I don't suppose Myrna could provide us with clues as to who to write to, and a few more of us could have a go at writing to these stupid buyers?

Is this woman saying that if you don't register with their wholesaler, their customers can't even order the book?


This for some reason reminds me of a friend of mine who worked in an Edinburgh art gallery. They had a Max Ernst (d.1976) exhibition on and wrote to ELLE Decoration to ask if they'd like to feature it. The reply started: "Dear Max" - and went on to say "Your work isn't really suitable for our readership but good luck with the exhibition".

Irene Boogerman

That's another reason not to buy books or newspapers at W H Smith and a good reason for supporting your local independent bookstore, if you're lucky enough to have one.


Did you see The Times Books section today (Sat)? Your book is number one choice in the sidebar on page 4. "Reader Chart: Yaffa Glass picks six thinking woman's books". I hope that will help, if not with WHS, with your sales elsewhere.

Dina rabinovitch

Wow - no I didn't see that, thank you so much for telling me, and thank you Yaffa!

savta yaffa (glass)

Dina, Hope you are feeling stronger. Was thinking about you when you stopped blogging for a week. What 'The Times' has done was in fact advertising your book as a 'cannot put down until I have finished reading it' kind of book. I hope it helps with sales. Is there anything else that can be done from this part of England? If I can do it I will.

Dina rabinovitch

It's just fabulous, Yaffa - thank you so, so much!!!!

I'm still in bed all day, most days, but I am definitely feeling stronger. Would give anything to be in remission, but this'll do in the meantime....

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