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June 25, 2007


Sheelagh Barron

Dina check your personal email for news that I hope will be of cheer...and remember 'small steps big difference!'
Love Sheelagh

Heidi Thomas

HURRAH for picking Nina up! I remember the first time I ventured out after a severe illness a few years ago - I was so thin I actually had to hold my knickers up with my hand, but I managed to go into a shop and buy some Sudocrem for my son. It was like reclaiming motherhood, and I felt I could take on the world. (Although I couldn't really, not for a long time. But I did in the end. ) Much love for your continued recovery, Heidi x

Dina rabinovitch

Holding up knickers - that says it all! thank you for giving a sense of having been there before, love, Dina

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