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July 05, 2007



Is it bunkum? Isn't it funny how sometimes you can just spot an answer, while other times you just stare and stare. Best wishes,


Dina rabinovitch

oh joan - brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!

Brian Abbott

Damn and blast, I was just going to tell you it was bunkum but Joan was quicker off the mark!

Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday.



No, I hadn't heard of that cream, and will give it a go if things go that way. Fingernails are okay as long as I keep them extremely short, and toenails holding their own so far, just separating into interesting strata (sorry to non-affected readers here). Thank you for the tips.
Have you come across the American website Her2Support.org, Dina? A lot of women on there are on Tykerb etc, and there's a lot of interesting stuff on it, people's experiences, how they are managing any side effects, etc. Also capecitabine (sp?), and other drugs not in common use/licensed here. Some are patients at John Hopkins/Sloane Kettering as you mention in your book. I have found it a great source of support, information, and HUMOUR (or humor).
Best wishes

Dina rabinovitch

Yes - her2support.org website great. also, forgot to mention the "gel inner soles" - also silipos, and others do them - you put them in your open-toes sandals, or shoes or whatever, and they are really cooling for bottom of feet.


A crossword dictionary plus a Roget are INDISPENSABLE. XX

anna walker

its bunkum

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