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July 03, 2007



dear dina,

happy to read u r home, and strong enough to blog...
enjoy your cool weather now,
you'll appreciate, be happy and much more comfortable with Anthony's airconditioning, once your hot summer spell comes, and it will, as it came for at least, the last 12 years!!??

much love


I thought it was to do with fact that we just bought our first ever garden furniture - which has been under cover ever since it came out of the box (weeks ago!) Am considering sending it back to see if that will induce a change in the weather.....

Wishing you well and us all some summer!
Kate Bush


Well, it may have something to do with my daughter Claudia (14)having her first summer abroad, learning English in Exeter...She's miserably missing the sun!

Best wishes for you and your family from Barcelona,



Dear Dina, So glad to have found your site, and have almost finished your book (having gone "Yes! Yes!" through most of it). I will take a copy to my next Herceptin session, and suggest the unit buys a copy to keep there. Then maybe people will dip into it and then have to rush out and buy their own copy.
Re: the weather, I was in the throes of chemo (the appropriately named FEC)and neutropaenia exactly this time last year, and well remember the awful, stifling heat, so I'm loving these cool days personally. I've also invested in a pair of Crocs, which are kind to my Taxotere'd toenails, and although they let the rain in they dry out fast.
Warmest wishes and not-too-warm days to you


P.S. In fact a better idea is I'll buy another copy and donate it. Yay! Chemo brain got there in the end.

Dina rabinovitch

Hello Caroline - have you got the CCS foot care cream? I found it the best cream for the taxotere feet, and the silipos gel bandages for wrapping round toes? You can get them all online, or at pharmacies. good luck with it all, and thank you so much for writing, love, Dina

Joe the Dog Lover

I guess there is tanning going on.

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