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July 17, 2007



Hi Dina

Really hope you're doing well. Just wanted you to know that I checked some of our websites this morning & your banner & skyscraper is up on decanter.com & webuser.co.uk to name but 2 sites...and Countrylife.co.uk too! am very excited - still waiting for the filler space to start trickling through but you're up there digitally! they sound quite niche sites but they get great traffic! hope it helps with the target.

much love & best wishes,



Dina - Philip Roth is the greatest... so glad to find another heavy fan. Me, I can't work out if I like American Pastoral or Sabbath's Theatre better (ST is a bit of weird choice, he's so outrageous; but such a love force that I love him even as I shudder.) Only one I can't get into is I married a communist.' Could you? Glad the money's rolling in and that you are walking. love Penelope

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