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July 29, 2007



how true - how true.
my dad died of cancer 3 years ago, and because he was past 70, was treated as one 'not worth' saving. i still remember all of us- my dad, mum, sister and me sitting in on his first meeting with his oncologist; he asked her sweetly, 'and when will i see you again?' Her reply still shocks me because of its cruelty: 'oh you won't be seeing me again'. Only when the hospital in question [attached to mt vernon] realised i was a journalist did they treat my father a little differently.
i wish you every blessing with your health and congratulate you on your book: it matters. x

Dina rabinovitch

this is so sad to hear...one shouldn't have to manage the practitioners as well as the illness, especially in a debilitated state...

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