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August 22, 2007


adele geras

It was you who converted me to Crocs, Dina and I LOVE mine. They are fantastic and were just the ticket when I was suffering from a swollen foot on account of a broken bone somewhere or other. And if you wear black ones as I do, with dark jeans, they even look fairly okay. At my age, I care only about comfort 99% of the time!

Alexandra Simonon

I bought crocs ('gold' colour) for my little boy yesterday (we had an emergency need for wellies but crocs was all we could find), and it made me think of you!

Now all he dreams of is little things to decorate them...

Dina rabinovitch

you can order the little things on jibbets.com but also the kiddies' shoe shop in temple fortune, Brian's, has a good selection - otherwise, Israel sells jibbets everywhere....! gold, cool....

btw Adele, you could wear any colour crocs...

Dina rabinovitch

sorry - i meant jibbitz.com

Ann Giles

I have just discovered Crocs are considered evil and dangerous by some of my Swedish relatives, while the rest of Sweden seem to wear them all the time, in the most wonderful colours. I want one of each, if only I could afford them.

Dina rabinovitch

evil and dangerous??? on what grounds? Sweden one of the very obscure clues in today's Guardian crossword (North European Country....)


Oh dear, this isn't the place to mention it, but they are supposed to cause cancer. And they ruin hospital equipment. They are ugly and uncomfortable. Not to mention expensive. (True.) And so on...

I think it's more that some people need to have something to fear. And Swedes can't shop on the internet, because all sorts of horrible things might happen if you do.

I still like them.

Dina rabinovitch

you're kidding!!!! that is almost funny....

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