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August 22, 2007



Please, don't be terrified, or we all will be frightened too!
I'm sure that you'll do it better than perfect, even if you are scared or feel fragile by now (or maybe just because of it). The very idea of having this commitment will keep you safe and strong for all the week.
Don't be worried in advance, Dina, because you'll have to forget all this misery-in-advance when you see how wonderful the talk results and how people loves it.
(excuse my English, I know it might be hugely improved)




You'll do it. You'll do it for Siobhan Dowd, recent winnner of the Branford-Boase Award with A Swift, Pure Cry, who died yesterday of breast cancer, and all the others so they won't need to die at 47.

We're behind you.


What sad news about Siobhan Dowd. My boys (aged 9 and 8) and I recently read her 'London Eye Mystery' and enjoyed it so much that we kept reading extra chapters at bedtime and, eventually, first thing in the morning as well, just to find out what had happened to Salim who has gone missing while travelling on the London Eye. It's a real gift of a book to anyone (ie. all of us) who is trying to get across the message to our children that however your brain is wired (in the case of 'London Eye' the central character has Aspergers) you are uniquely important and valued.

Brian Abbott

I know what you mean - but you'll be there and so will I and many other members of your fan club. No pressure there then!

Brian xx


I read your book within 24hrs of returning from hospital post mastectomy.It was very helpful and i was feeling hopeful as my touch print cytology was negative.It nows turns out that all the nodes are postive and the tumour was 13cms
I loved the holiday snaps

Dina rabinovitch

thank you for writing Sue, but so sorry to hear you've had a hard time - wishing you all the very best, love, dina

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