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August 13, 2007


Ann Coburn

Many thanks for that link Dina - a small miracle of calm, depth and reflection for me in the middle of my busy morning. These days most of us have a reluctant acquaintance with breast cancer - and those of us who have sat with a dying person will instantly recognise that 'connection to some primal, elemental force'. What beautiful writing - I felt such connections with Penelope too - both children's writers, both twins. Thanks again. I would've missed it if you had not brought it to me.


Ann Coburn

or should that read 'are reluctantly acquainted with'? Grammar is not one of my strongest points - but you know what I mean!


A lovely piece of writing, thanks.

Ms Baroque

Oh, that's lovely. Amazing things happen.

And I can picture it; years of living down the District Line, I can even hear the trains in my mind's ear.

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