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September 20, 2007


Joanne Maguire

It would be amazing if it were something that simple. But who knows, you’ve got to hope. I’ve always had trouble with this idea that cancer is a failure of the immune system; the idea that we’re constantly exposed to carcinogens, and that if our guard is low for any reason they get a hold. I guess because it makes it your own fault that you got cancer – you didn’t eat right, you let yourself get stressed, or depressed, or however you failed to keep your guard up. And it seems scarier to think we all are fighting it off all the time, somehow. I’ve always preferred to think of cancer as an unlucky mutation, a one off.. Somehow I can deal with that better, believing I got unlucky, that life is like that, and getting on with it, rather than always wondering what I did or did not do that caused it. But hey, if it’s all to do with our immune systems and can be f ixed with a blood transfusion, I’m ready to chance my view!

Dina rabinovitch

well you've got me chuckling which is always supposed to be "good" for combating illness...so thanks!

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