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September 21, 2007



I think they're bits of feather in fact, so that's OK. But life? While doing in fish? Odd that.


Dina, no live wiggly things involved,you have a pretty little feathered imitation of a nice little cuddly insect on the end of the line with lovely names like Eternal Optimist or Posh Tosh, or my favourite Parmachene Belle. It's a whole new world with not a worm in sight, that's cheating:-)

Isobel Mags Buchan

She threw this one back!

I could never see the point in fishing, sitting, usually in the rain, catching fish and then putting them back again however having spent some considerable time crabbing (not quite the same I do appreciate)with the children over the last few years, I can now see the appeal. It is a very peaceful occupation giving you time to think, reflect and admire mother nature. I'm seriously contemplating fishing as a good way of creating 'thinking' time.

Dina rabinovitch

Ok, ok I'll go fishing! love that picture of the catfish, Isobel, it's brilliant. But I have, buried deep in my psyche, awful memories of being made to hold the wriggly things as a child in Toronto, while my big brother did all the casting and what not....so not sure the feathers will manage to obliterate those...

Alexandra Simonon

I had to look up 'casting' because the only use of it I knew was in the contexts of actors etc. I sort of guessed it meant something different here, but it still conjured up the image of your brother looking at each worm you held up, judging their appearance and wriggling skills and deciding which one would be better suited to which hook etc. :)

Dina rabinovitch

yes, I think that is exactly what it was like! agonising minutes holding the disgusting things - he also has a little metal box, I remember, full of coloured bits, can't remember what they were for, but they got matched to hooks, or worms, or fishes or something...

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