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September 23, 2007


meg rosoff

Well, bugger the fasting. I've texted God to ask if it's ok to excuse you this year (same format as getting children off PE) and the good news is, as long as you keep us all informed and amused with the blog, you can eat what you like.

Dina rabinovitch

thank you Meg! and for donation...

Francesca simon

wow, I'm delighted to know that in addition to all her sterling qualities, Meg has a hotline to heaven! If only I'd known her when I was desperate for a pony.

Dina rabinovitch

Mmm, gotta be worth trying her out on something you're desperate for now, or even might just quite like to have...

Francesca simon

Thank you Dina, that sounds like post Yom Kippur advice well worth following.


I always knew Meg is more like Daisy than Justin, even though she doesn't see it herself. Now, what do I need sorting out? Ah, permission to abandon daughter and gallivant off on my own...


I love that idea of texting above! I recently explained to someone that there are no vowels in the Torah.

'Oh - sort of like texting,' she said!

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