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September 25, 2007



Hi Dina,
i have two sons and i was wondering if i should send them on noam camp. I know you have lots of children in your family/extended family, have any of them been on noam? if so did they like it? Thanks xx


Hello Dina,
I love reading your blog - it has taught me so many interesting things about Jewish culture. Anyway just wanted to check you are OK as you haven't posted anything for a while. Hope to see your next post soon.

Anthony Julius

Dina's in hospital - not sure yet when she's out. Thanks for all comments.


My friend Allison in Israel taught me about lighting candles to send your thoughts and prayers. She kindly did this for my husband when he was in hospital. I have lit a candle this evening to send you strength and to wish you a speedy return home to your family/G2 crosswords! All the best, Val


Also sending my warmest good wishes - do hope you will be home soon

Brian Abbott


It was good to see you today my brave friend. Like Val, I shall light a candle. We're all wishing you out of that bed.

God Bless,


anna walker

I too have been wondering how you were. Sorry to hear you are in hospital and hope you were able to enjoy Sukkot.
Lots of love anna walker

Ms Baroque

Dear Anthony, please give Dina my love. Dina, I wish you out of hospital soon! Many thoughts and prayers, Katy

Isobel Mags Buchan

Love, strength and a big hug from me too. Hope that you are soon back home and plodding the streets in search of the perfect blow-dry. Otherwise get some practice in fishing in those enormous fish tanks they always seem to have in hospitals.


Melanie Braunold

Hi Dina,

Ive been following your blog for some time. You may remember that we bumped into each other in Waitrose when I was last in London, around April-May time.

Hope you get discharged from hospital soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, here in Israel

Melanie Braunold and family

Sue Hayman



Alexandra Simonon

Dear Dina,
Lots of love and best wishes from the whole family. We hope you'll be back home soon.
Alex xx

Francesca simon

Dear Dina,

I'm sorry to hear you are back in hospital and send you lots of love and best wishes for a speedy return home to freeze in your sukkah!

love, Francesca


Dear Dina
We hope that you are feeling better soon. I will make sure that Talya has the chocolate brownies ready and waiting.

Love Sharon xx


Just seen this. Please send Dina my love, and tell her I'm thinking of her. xxPenelope


I think we are all thinking of you, Dina, and willing you to get stronger.


My thoughts are with you and i hope you recover soon!


Be strong, Dina. I'm sure all my love and thoughts will cross the Atlantic faster than I have.


Dina, I am on my travels in Argentina so have only just found out that you are in hospital...don't forget to keep shouting because we all love and admire you. Go Girl!

meg rosoff

Thinking of you, Dina, sending energy and strength and love.


Healing thoughts heading your way, Dina.


get home soon


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