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October 10, 2007



So glad to hear you are home from hospital.

As always, you are in our thoughts.

Judy S.


Welcome back Dina, have missed you. This drugs business is a real ......isn't it. Heard an old Star Trek joke the other day where Dr Spock was saying "We now have a pill to cure any human condition, I just have to find it" and pointing to his laboratoryt filled with bottles and bottles of tablets. Now it seems we have drugs which can help people, but these are given only those with the right post code or deemed worthy. Sounds like a bad joke to me. Keep smiling, best regards, Jean.


This makes me so hopping mad when the NHS is currently spending millions on its 834th reorganisation in the 35 years I've been in. New office buildings, phones, computers, desks, pay offs, the list is endless and verging on immoral when you read this.

Sheelagh Barron

Until a politicianĀ“s wife, mother or daughter suffers they will not understand...ignorance is bliss

Isobel Mags Buchan

I was so very angry when I read this about Jane last week. It is beyond belief. It isn't just cancer drugs though. I am currently badgering my GP for a drug I need that a friend who lives a mile away but a different county etc can get on the NHS but for which my PCT will not fund. I can't afford it so it's make do and mend as my Grandmother used to say.

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