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October 09, 2007



Lovely to see you back. You know, ever since I first remember hearing about you, (can't remember in what context, but certainly a few years back) I've had this image of you and your family having frighteningly clever intellectual debates across the breakfast table. You know the sort of thing - T.S. Eliot and anti-semitism, Philip Pullman's imagery. So, it is really comforting to hear that you are struggling with the Guardian Quick Crossword! Hope for us all.


Hooray!Welcome back!

Francesca simon

Welcome home, Dina! Kidney failure is a little extreme to get out of Yom Kippur fasting, don't you think?

Love, Francesca

Alexandra Simonon

Welcome back, tough cookie :)

Brian Abbott

Dina,it may be raining but who cares - you're back home and we're all smiling !



Saturday's 'Quick' Crossword wasn't finished until yesterday afternoon (and the thesaurus was NO help at all).
Good to have you back, and a big hug to your kidneys - metaphorically of course!


a good news morning!



I couldn't wish for better news than to hear you're home.

Glad to hear your kidneys have got their act together!

Daniel Fletcher

Very glad to hear you're home again, Dina.


meg rosoff

Phew! And the blog is only the tip of the worried iceberg! Half of London is relieved this morning. Including me.
xxxxx meg

anna walker

I'm so glad to hear you are home with your family.


Just come in from the rain, soaked, in a really grumpy mood, and I now have a HUGE smile on my face. Warmest, warmest good wishes to you and your family.

melanie braunold

Glad to hear you are back home. Take it easy and enjoy the crossword!



Glad you're back and better, strong lady. Have one Guardian quick crossword waiting which I may have time to get to. Will think of you doing yours when I do...love Penelope


Wonderful news. Don't get too tired reading all our comments, now.

Roseanne Partridge

Welcome Home Dina - it's wonderful to know you are back home with your family. I've really missed your posts and have been hoping you would be getting better very soon.
Best wishes.

Beverley Julius

We all know the power of chicken soup but Myrna's fennel soup must be something else! Great news - a little sunshine on a rainy day.

yaffa glass

Have checked your blog almost daily.
Delighted to have you back! go from strength to strength!


I swear by those candles for getting people out of hospital! Great news to hear you are back home again. Hope you are feeling stronger.
Best wishes Val

Sue Hayman

SO pleased to hear you are feeling better, and are back at home.


karen lever

hi dina
have been checking your blogs daily. really happy you are home again...with love karen


Have been checking your site every day and was getting very worried.So relieved (as you must be )that you back home.Thinking about you and wishing you well


Dina welcome back. so glad to hear that you are back home with your family. Here's to a year of good health! lol Sarah x

Judy Wax

Just came home, Checked your blog as I have done every day. Thrilled that you are home!! Lots of love, will be in touch soon, Judy W
PS This was a lovely reason to learn how to write a comment on a blog! x x


The best news all week! You go, girl! You are a beacon to all of us.

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