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October 23, 2007



I will miss you and your wonderful blog.


A light has just gone out in our lives. Dina was such a source of inspiration and admiration for those of us who are following her down this path.


What a star.

Brian Abbott

The loss of Dina,although expected, still hurts so much. You would need thousands of words to describe her - and even that would not be enough. But in this space just three will suffice - talented, beautiful and oh so brave. Fundraising can be tough but when my committee members get tired (and we do quite often!) we will remember her bravery, give ourselves a good shake and get on with it - for she will remain our inspiration.

Brian Abbott

Ms Baroque

Oh oh oh oh oh oh. I'm so sad. Dina is one of a kind and I feel very lucky to have known her.

Anthony, my thoughts are with you and the kids. Lots of love. Kate

e smith

Thank you for being such a wonderful example. Prayers for your husband and children as they continue their life as a family.


I'm so very sorry to hear this news; Dina was an inspiration to all of us facing the uncertainties of advanced breast cancer. My deepest condolences to Anthony and the family - long life to you all.

Marilyn Fetcher


my heartfelt condolences go out to he family. Too early a departure for this young talented lady I loved reading.

yaffa glass

Dear Dina having never met you personaly I have become adicted to your blog, articles in The Guardian, your book. As there were no entries in your blog since 23rd October, I checked it several times a day and worried. Today I went to check if M&S are selling your book. I shall go on contributing to your cause as you havepromoted it in such an incredible way. I am lost for words of condolance, yet I have never met you. I spoke to you on the phone 10 years ago and asked you to interview my friend,Ron Arad's mother (which you did and an article about her was printed in The Guardian) yet I feel I was priviliged to 'know' a special human being a wonderful writer, wife, mother. I did pray for you Dina bat Rachel every Friday when lighting the Shabbat candles. why oh why? May your memory be blessed and your dear family find comfort.

Gail Eva

As an avid follower of Dina's blog and an admirer of a wonderful, wonderful woman, I feel so, so, so sad. My heartfelt sympathy to Dina's family.


As are many others, I am very sad to hear the news today, the Guardian columns have been inspiring, entertaining, and show supreme tenacity in pursuing the treatment Dina did. I am so very sad for all who knew her and loved her, your sorrow must immeasurable, long life. Much love X
Helen Meisl

Isobel Mags Buchan

To Dina's family: I cannot even imagine the depth of your grief at present but I hope that you take some comfort in the fact that Dina touched many lives and because of that, there are many who are thinking of you, praying for you and hoping for you too, at this time.

My love to you all.


Ms Baroque

Oh so sorry, sorry. Dina was and is so wonderful. Much love and prayers to Anthony and the children.

Kate xx

sam hills

I'm so very very sorry



I was very sad to hear the news. My Mum had breast cancer last year but thankfully it never got past stage 2. Big condolences to all Dina's family and friends, with love


Lisa G - Jay's Mum

We were just getting to be good friends. It was always going to be too soon. Our hearts are all broken. I heard from the Chairman of M&S just this morning that your book would be trickling into shops from now and people can order it if they don't see it. We should get you up to £100,000, you are nearly there. Love to all the family and of course my darling Elon, Lisa

yaffa glass

Rest peacefully


I am so very sorry to hear the sad news and send my condolences to her family. Dina had a gift which she shared with us generously. Her ability to put so many aspects of life into words -the good, the bad and the amusing day-to-day stuff-was incredible: her writing broadened my horizons and made me a more thoughtful, deeper person. Her biggest legacy has got to be her appeal for CTRT - what an amazing woman she must have been to do all that, write AND raise a family.


I am so sad to hear this. I will really miss Dina's flamboyant writing and passion for life and her family. She helped brighten my own breast cancer journey and this feels like a very cruel loss of someone who gave so much to other people. Sincere condolences to her family.


Deepest to sympathy to Dina's family and friends.


a lovely, lovely woman: it shone through every word she wrote.

Rest in peace, Dina



My sincere condolences go to Dina's family and friends. A wonderful woman and an inspiration, she will be missed.

Jill S

I was diagnosed with primary & secondary breast cancer in January this year at the age of 40. As a keen Guardian reader I have always read Dina's columns and hers has been the only blog that I have identified with so strongly and have followed so keenly throughout my treatment. I am so sad to hear of her passing and my heart goes out to her family whose grief I can only begin to imagine. Dina, you have been such an inspiration to me, I have been a stranger to you but feel such affection for you and such sorrow at your death. I hope with all my heart that your memory will live on forever and that your family's pain will be tempered by the joy of having had such a strong and smart and funny and wonderful soul in their lives. I shed many tears for you and your loved ones.


I'll miss your words, you beautiful soul.


So shocked to pick up the Guardian this morning and read the news. I didn't know Dina but her writing was a source of huge support and guidance in this hideous disease and I will miss it. My thoughts are with all those who were close to her at this most testing of times.

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