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Take Off Your Party Dress is my first book, and it's the result of columns I wrote for the Guardian newspaper about having breast cancer. The proceeds from Take Off Your Party Dress are going to the CTRT Appeal, a million pound appeal to set up a cancer trials research centre at Mount Vernon Hospital in London, where I receive treatment. The charity's registered number is 1053338.

I wanted the columns to run op-ed, that is, facing the editorials page, giving the subject a serious weight. One in seven women gets breast cancer now, a lot of mastectomies. If one in seven men were losing their penises you can bet that'd be front-page column material, I said.

Now Simon and Schuster's publishing the book to look like chick-lit, maximise those sales and the money to the appeal. The book is being published in March 2007 but is pre-orderable now from Amazon at

I sometimes feel that if I have to read even one more headline saying the cure for cancer is just within reach I may explode. To prevent that, I'm doing this - my attempt to raise money for cancer research.


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