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September 29, 2006



at Mount Vernon today for annual research check-up, so far so good. Have you noticed chimneys and bunkers? reminds me of power plant on Simpsons or somewhere, not noticed them before today. Best wishes for life in the wooden hut- you don't have to sleep in it do you?
Husband promises to order book from amazon on Monday. take care, jean.


hi dina,
have always loved your columns and just stumbled onto your blog. i'm a student nurse from sydney, australia and i'm about to go pre-order your book on amazon. good luck with it all, emily

Don Guttenplan

Hi Dina. Finally got around to actually reading your Guardian column (my wife gave me the headline news when it came out--mazel tov!) and so found your blog. Two small comments: Could you make the link to amazon, wherever it is, more prominent? I couldn't find it (though not yet so senile I can't get to amazon my own). Also for people like me, who always mean to give to charity but don't always manage, maybe a suggestion that we/they preorder an extra copy of your book for a local hospital, doctor's surgery, etc?

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