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January 29, 2007


Brian Abbott

Hi Dina,
Or you could sign up for a British Gas cover plan which means that you will never be without heating again. BG have also just started a call-out service for one-off visits to those without a cover plan.
But it sounds more fun the way you do it! See you soon, Brian

Jean Shindler

There were no potatoes in the soup but I'm pleased you enjoyed it. Hope you're feeling warmer now
Much love
p.s. I thought I requested 'not for the blog'!

Daniel Fletcher

Glad to see the fundraising total creeping up quite well the last few days. Is there some correlation to bloggees sympathizing with your heating woes?


Isobel Mags Buchan

With reference to the title; my mother and father who still live with no central heating, just a gas fire in the lounge and another at the top of the stairs. Yes, it's always cold in the house but in comparison to when I was child living there, positively balmy because there was no fire at the top of the stairs and the fire in the lounge was coal.

Sometimes I miss the frost on the inside of the windows, running my toothbrush under warm water to defrost the bristles first thing in the morning and going to be with a woolly hat on my head....but only for about 10 seconds.

Sincerely hope that it is all sorted for you soon. It's hell without heating.

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