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February 28, 2007



And top of everything Dina you're a fan of the great Roth! - Good. Keeping my fingers crossed, you brave lady, re new drug. Grannypxx


Why not stop taking drugs and get some other advice?
Cancer is prevented and cured by all kinds of super-nutrients and there are loads of cases (which doctors never tell anyone about).
Dr Samuel Epstein, Phillip Day, Chris Woollams, and others all have sound advice.
On the Cancer Research UK website is masses of information on Reishi mushroom extract and the many clinical trials around the world which have proven beyond any doubt that Reishi does substantially reduce cancer and can cure it. Leukemia has been reduced by 40-50%.
B17 is a known cure for cancer but doctors call it cyanide and say it's dangerous. B12 is a form of cyanide but is highly beneficial and essential! What doctors fail to mention is that the natural cyanide present in B17 sources only destroys tumours while the enzymes in healthy cells neutralise the cyanide. Krebs and others have proven B17 as a cure many times over and have been hounded out of practice for it.
Anti-oxidants like grapeseed extract and maritime pine bark extract have cured cancers in some cases. There are as many different experiences as there are cases.
What is certain is that modern medicine is not stopping the rates of cancers and deaths from cancers (in most cases) and the survival rates (beyond 5 years) are barely getting better and often worse.
Aluminium in deodorant is a known cause of breast cancer, so why are companies allowed to sell it?
Talc is a known cause of ovarian cancer so why is it legal to sell?
Neways and other companies are avoiding a list of known carcinogens and toxic substances in their products, many of which are routinely added by the general corporate products. The infomation is all there when you look!
There is much to learn and many individuals who deserve a better deal than being guinea pigs for drug companies and laboratories.
Good luck!

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