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February 27, 2007



Not sure if it was the makeup, the outfit or the smile but you looked extremely glam up on stage and on the giant screens. Hearing you read from the book made it even more vivid than it is on the page. My son Ben and good friend Dany both say the book is unputdownable. I had to read it in one go. It's a fabulous book.

Meg Rosoff

Words (almost) fail -- you look amazing, you talk amazing, you write amazing. Felt the best I could do seeing you up there today was to transmit powerful waves of support. Didn't believe in that sort of stuff in the old days, but what the hell. Can't hoit, as my NY relatives would say.
love and bolstering coming your way from wherever I happen to be....

Brian Abbott

Thank God, you have roared back. My nerves are in shreds -I've checked your blog so many times over the past two days,I'm worn out. Good to know young Ostler is back - you obviously don't flourish when he is away. Hope to see you soon. Brian x

Ms Baroque

I wish I'd been there. I'm sure you were great. As for the make up, this is what you have always been so good at! I always look fine when I'm not, and though it's no comfort, it is sort of... a comfort... & I can't wait to read your book.

Don't you think "burning ambition" is exactly the right eyeshadow for a writer?

Naomi Gryn

Oh Dina, you were so charming and amusing today, and read so beautifully, you almost fooled us into thinking that having cancer has been not much more than an inconvenient interruption in your hectic schedule. May it be thus. Your courage takes my breath away.

With much love,



I'm so relieved you're back. I didn't check the JBW dates and was a bit panicked by the blogging hiatus.

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