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February 20, 2007



Thank goodness for the fireworks. Wouldn't it be great if we could close every day that involved scans/tests with fireworks? I check up on you almost daily and the words "more cancer spread" are simply not the words we want to see- so a big DAMN IT! on that. It is always good to have your words appear- even if only to express your lack of heat, escape from the Sun, bravery for experiments and shear exhaustion- all of the words are music in the key of strength. Thanks for taking the time... and energy... to keep us up-to-date. sweet dreams.


I'm going to Jacqueline's DAMN IT! Just keep fighting. There a lot of us rooting for you and your family.

savta yaffa

Your blog has become part of the life of so many, I go to it, daily as soon as I turn on the PC and check it several times a day, and worry about you when you do not write for a few days. Please be strong. Please fight and WIN.


I guessed as much Dina. Sorry. But I'm hanging on to the fireworks with you. xxx

Vivienne Quinn

I'm saying a prayer for you and in the usual Catholic way trying to make a bargain with God on the lines of I'll go to Mass and get my ashes today and do the fast & abstinence bit if you make Dina better. Let's hope he realises that he's a Jew as well as a Catholic and delivers the goods.

Isobel Mags Buchan

I'm sorry to hear this Dina and pray that your war will be won even if these battles along the way are cumbersome and wearisome.

The fireworks seem like a good omen to me. Blast! Lightness, colour, excitement and life in what would otherwise be darkness. Wonderful.


Ms Baroque

Dina we are with you!(I say "we" - I mean "I".)

I've been following your blog since I found it via Norm, & it's tremendous. I wish I'd known sooner.

Funny, though - I can't stand America's Next Top Model!

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