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October 11, 2007


Alexandra Simonon

hmmmm...not *quite* right...

Perhaps it's just a question of getting used to them, and I'm sure we'll get plenty of opportunities to do that.


As a result of your influence - and Florida weather - I'm now parading around in my first pair of crocs, the only branded piece of attire I own. I can imagine the looks if I ask for a fur-lined pair ...


I was about to say they still have holes in them, but noticed they are fake holes. (Whatever next?) And they cost less in the US. Or am I an idiot for having paid £29 for Daughter's pair? (Don't answer that.)


Just another one of those times when you think to yourself "now, why didn't I think of that!"
But I'm not convinced that they will look ok with opaque black tights which is another must- have for the winter!!

Beverley Julius

Something else to add to Annie's list of 'must haves' for Hannukah!


Ann, the basic crocs cost $29 (plus tax)in the U.S. but you can buy 'ripped' models in every imaginable hue and pattern at the Clearwater beachfront for around $7. However, I let myself be led by the, ahem, hype...

Susan Leigh

well I have been very rude about my sister's crocs, however I am going into hospital on Tuesday and I succumb to a pair and very comfortable they are to. I think that they will be very comfortable whilst I am in hospital and they will look quite stylish with my pyjamas and lounging wear. I was in NY last week and paid $30 so the fact that they were much cheaper than here was also a good excuse.
Dina, glad to see you posting again.


They're narrower than the regular Crocs but still fit my feet perfectly and they're soo comfortable and they're soo cute, When they get dirty, I just wash them in the sink; they dry extremely fast. The clog Crocs are great shower shoes at campgrounds and at our club


These shoes are so popular. I see people in them everywhere but I just can't get over how much they just look like cheap plastic ten dollar shoes you'd get a walmart and then throw away after a month. Are they really that comfortable? Is it more than just a fad?

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