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October 18, 2007



I'm not surprised. I'd love to "copy" your writing if I thought I could.

Alexandra Simonon

Not surprised either:)


But why not the medical schools? I think it should be required reading for ALL medical students to see/hear/understand how a patient feels & copes, and nobody I've read has done it as well as you.
(And yes - you should have one of those motorised scooters. Much cooler - people driving them never look as if they need the assistance, just doing it for fun!)
I was very scared when nothing was posted for so long - SO happy when you started again.
With love - always

Ms Baroque

This is the coolest thing. Congratulations! And so it should be...

Roller shoes

yeah,good choose for me


TOYPD is a university syllabus!


I do agree with you.

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